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Fan Engagement with Cincinnati Bengals

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How the Cincinnati Bengals used gamification to power fan engagement in the lead up to the Super Bowl

A team that is on the rise in the world-famous NFL, the Cincinnati Bengals have launched themselves into football stardom following their ‘Cinderella run’ to Super Bowl LVI.

Zac Taylor’s team ended their playoff hoodoo as they recorded shock successes on the road before landing the AFC Championship for the first time since 1989.

The Task

Broadening Fan Engagement & Monetising the Audience

Ahead of the 2021 season, the Bengals were seeking to create unique ways of engaging with their incredible ‘Who Dey’ fan base to enhance their experience on game days and allow supporters to feel they can create a connection with the team that they love and support.

With the huge number of fans that eagerly watch the AFC North team each week, the team were looking at potential ways of creating more links to the franchise with the aim of driving revenue back to the team.

The Ohio-based side approached Low6 with this challenge in hope of developing an answer to these two strategies.

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The Answer

Offering iGaming solutions with Bengals Picks and Ultimate Bengals

After the success of several official pick’em games in the UK, Low6 offered up two free-to-play games that featured the Bengals brand – Bengals Picks and Ultimate Bengals.

Bengals Picks gave users the opportunity to make predictions on the upcoming Bengals game, posing an array of questions to fans to correctly try to predict and gain points. The higher the score, the better the chance of claiming a prize such as match tickets and autographed merchandise.

Ultimate Bengals mirrored the company’s successful next-level fantasy football game, Ultimate Fan. Bengals fans would be given packs to open each week, revealing a handful of NFL stars to add to their personal roster. Using the cards they had in their squad, users would be able to build a team to pick up as many points as possible. The higher the scoring, the more chance players had of winning weekly prizes including tickets to upcoming games, signed merchandise and money-can’t-buy experience.

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Engage the user
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Engage the user

"From the start, Low6 has hit the ground running. A fun group to work with that is always laser focused on getting things done to propel the partnership to the next level. My experience with this team has been nothing short of impressive since day one.

Their standard is set high and their goal is to provide the best possible experience to fans who participate in their games – both Bengals Picks and Ultimate Bengals. This is an efficient group that understand how to get the job done and I look forward to continuing to see them climb the ladder of success!"

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Michael LaPlaca
Digital Media Specialist at Cincinnati Bengals
Delve deeper
Delve deeper
Delve deeper
Delve deeper
Delve deeper
Delve deeper
Ultimate Bengals Layered

Bengals Fantasy Football

A Bengals-branded version of our popular UltimateFan game. Next Level Fantasy Football.

Bengals Picks Layered

Bengals Pick'Em

A free-to-play Bengals Pick'Em game. Fan engagement with money can't buy prizes.

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Design & Video production

Low6 provided a full creative solution including the creation of game brand identities and a full suite of promotional assets, including graphic design and video production.

The Results

Tens of thousands of fans engaged

The games proved to be a hit among Bengals fans, with tens of thousands of users signing up during the season to partake in Bengals Picks and Ultimate Bengals. While the majority of players signed up from Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, the game amassed users in every US state suggesting widespread appeal across the country.

The Super Bowl saw a spike in first-time players, with over 5,400 new signups being registered in the first week of February. Cincinnati fans also left their mark on Ultimate Fan with Joe Burrow, Joe Mixon, Tee Higgins, Drew Sample and the Bengals Team Card all being among the most used cards in the game this season.

The two Bengal-focused games have shown to be a success to date, with the 2022 season holding even more potential for Bengals Picks and Ultimate Bengals to reach further into the Who Dey fanbase

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