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Increasing digital fan engagement throughout the Laver Cup tournament

The three-day event sees Team Europe take on Team World and it is known to bring in some of the biggest names on the circuit, as well as showcasing the next generation of Tennis superstars.

The Laver Cup approached Low6 looking to add a game element for fans following the tournament.

The Task

To find an innovative way of increasing digital fan engagement throughout the Laver Cup tournament

The Laver Cup approached Low6 with the challenge of creating an innovative game to increase fan engagement throughout their tournament.

With the tournament being the final professional outing of Tennis legend Roger Federer, it presented an opportunity for the Laver Cup to build a new pathway of engagement with the sporting fanbase.

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The Answer

To create a Pick’Em game tailored to the Laver Cup schedule

Using our industry-renowned gamification suite, Low6 created a Pick’Em game that suited the schedule of the Laver Cup tournament.

Utilizing the large platform that the tournament possesses, Laver Cup Unrivaled Challenge was pushed out two days before the tournament got underway at the O2, London.

The game invited fans to predict certain outcomes on a diverse range of questions for every match across five sessions of the tournament.

The Pick’Em game was designed to boost the overall experience for tennis fans ahead and during the tournament, with supporters competing to score as many points as possible in a public-facing leaderboard for each individual session.

There was also an overall event leaderboard implemented into the game with bigger prizes on offer, to keep the retention rate high and give an incentive for players to enter multiple contests during the tournament.

Players were also able to create mini-leagues to compete against their family, friends, and work colleagues, which helped to drum up engagement for the game.

Prizes for the single session leaderboards offered up Laver Cup merchandise, while the three winners in the overall leaderboard won tickets to next year’s Laver Cup.

Laver Cup Unrivaled Challenge made its comeback for 2023, covering the latest edition of the tournament in Vancouver.

Several new additions were added into the game, including a multi-language function - with English, Spanish and German formats currently being offered.

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"The Laver Cup Unrivaled Challenge is a fun way for fans in The O2 and at home to engage with the on-court competition during matches. The game gives them the opportunity to predict outcomes for each match and put their knowledge to the test."

Low6 laver cup
Steve Zacks
CEO at Laver Cup
The Results

10,000+ engaged fans

Laver Cup Unrivaled Challenge was well received among tennis fans, with a large number of tournament advocates (10,000+) entering the Pick’Em contests throughout the three-day event.

With the tournament being watched in over 200 countries, the game saw players sign up from across the globe. All six inhabited continents had players participate in the contests, with most countries in Europe and South America seeing a high number of users sign up. The game saw the most entries come in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and India.

The Pick’Em game proved to be popular with most target demographics, with 38% of players being Millennials, 29% being from Generation Z and 21% coming from Generation Z.

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