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World Cup Fantasy Football with Pack Openings

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How our Fantasy Football Game got Flutter’s Sportsbet to the top of the App Store charts

The World Cup is one of the greatest sporting competitions on the planet, pulling in billions of viewers from across the globe to watch some of the biggest footballing talents compete for the coveted World Cup Trophy.

Sporting tournaments such as this are an ideal opportunity for brands to use free-to-play games to increase their levels of engagement.


To acquire tens of thousands of new Sportsbet customers for the World Cup

The draw of the World Cup was a big opportunity for Flutter’s Sportsbet to leverage for customer acquisition. They wanted a platform, product or mechanic that would be able to attract customers on mass and keep them engaged throughout the five-week tournament.

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To utilize aspects of Low6’s successful UltimateFan game to create Super Fantasy Soccer; a Fantasy Football game for the World Cup

The two brands pooled together to create a spin-off of Low6’s UltimateFan game, which has proven to be a bit hit already with over 200,000 installs since launch.

Super Fantasy Soccer is an innovative whitelabel game that issues and rewards users with ‘pack drops’, which reveals player and team cards that can be used to create line-ups for each individual World Cup contest.

With points being earned from real-life performances, players compete against other squads on a global leaderboard to win a $50,000 prizepot each contest. Players also have the ability to create and manage Invitational Leagues to take on their friends, family and co-workers.

Sportsbet’s live odds are incorporated into the game, which further enhance the player’s experience.

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"Low6 make world-class free-to-play sports and racing games. What makes them stand out from other game developers is that they have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of our category and can construct and design games that achieve tangible business results for us.

Their seamless integration back into our core proposition is achieved whilst not compromising on the fun and entertainment aspect of the gameplay experience. We had significant growth in player-to-player word of mouth on our game which was largely driven by Low6's core game feature of pack drops which in turn made our marketing spend much more economical.

We searched the globe for the best in mobile sports gaming and we believe we’ve found that in Low6."

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Jasmine Hansen
Head of Commercial Product, Sportsbet

Tens of thousands of players signing up in a short period of time

Within 36 hours of the game’s release, Super Fantasy Soccer launched to the top of the charts, becoming the No.1 Top Free Apps in Sport on the App Store and the Google Play Store in Australia.

The game reached new heights shortly after, being named the No.1 overall For Any Free App in the App Store and had more downloads than the official World Cup app in that timeframe.

Tens of thousands of players signed up to play, with a staggering 35% of sign-ups coming from a friend referral. The secret to the success of friend referrals? Players were offered a free player card if a friend used their sign-up code to join Super Fantasy Soccer.

The game has proven to be a big hit in Australia and thanks to the integration of live odds into the gameplay, plenty of eyes have been drawn to Sportsbet’s site and gone on to convert them to Sportsbet customers.

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