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Consumer Brands

Add an element of fun to your customer engagement strategy.

Some of the biggest and brightest consumer brands are reaching beyond the typical customer shopping journey to engage with their audience on a broader level. Is it time to add gamification to your marketing and customer engagement strategy?

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A new engagement channel

Another touch-point to keep your audience coming back. Use gamification as a channel that can complement your core content. Games can also help your customers to get involved in the conversation and feel even more engaged with your brand.

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Collect 1st party data

Gain control of your users. Turn your audience on external social platforms, or anonymous website visitors, into known individuals. Capture 1st party data you can use to continue the conversation with your audience and suggest relevant products as your games provide insights about their interests and behaviours.

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Incentivise loyalty

Free-to-play games can also be used to reward the most engaged of your audience. Boost rewards based on activity, or gate your games for specific audience segments. You can also plan activity to deliver a time-sensitive flurry of activity to your site to support a promotion or product launch.

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Talk to us about your challenges and opportunities and see how we can help you kickstart, or build upon your gamification play.

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