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A pre-tournament classic. From World Cup to NCAA March Madness, everyone loves a guess at which team will be the victor at every stage of the competition.

What’s so great about Low6 Bracket games? Full customization of your brand and tournament. Slick sharing function so your fans onboard their connections into the game with ease.

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About the game
About the game
About the game
About the game
About the game
About the game
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Intuitive Design

Your fans guess the winner of each game in a tournament with our simple-to-use selector form. The one who progresses the furthest with correct selections is crowned champion.

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Custom Bracketology

You name the tournament. We take your branding and deliver the Bracket game fully integrated into your app or website.

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Peer-2-peer acquisition

The perfect game that gets fans inviting their friends, family and colleagues to select their winners and engage with your brand... everyone has a go at the bracket! Cleverly multiplying your audience and database organically with the network effort.

Generic Layered Data

Full control and reporting

Full control and user insights with the admin console and dashboards.

Manage your Brackets, monitor user behaviours and get quick access to 1st party data.

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Marketing Studio
Marketing Studio
Marketing Studio
Marketing Studio
Marketing Studio
Marketing Studio

Creative & Marketing Studio Support

Low6 Bracket offers the flexibility of integrating into your existing systems, to market your way. Tight on time? Lean on the experience of our award-winning team to provide a full turn-key solution, including:

  • Stunning logo & brand design
  • Promo that pops: Creative design
  • Motion graphics and promo video
  • Influencer marketing strategy
  • Website and landing page design
  • CRM and user communications

Who's making a Bracket play?

Brackets are a gamification staple. From World Cups to Kentucky Derby and, of course, the NCAA March Madness, there are many brands using this tried and tested approach to bring some fun around a big event.

Can we help you?

Power up your next bracket game

Providing free to play gaming experiences to engage with GenZ and Millennial fans. Collect 1st Party Data and convert players to paying customers.

36.5 million+ American's complete the NCAA March Madness bracket
Deployment as quickly as 2 weeks*
Odds of a perfect bracket are 1 in 120 billion+
Focus on acquisition volume over prolonged engagement
Case studies
Case studies
Case studies
Case studies
Case studies
Case studies
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