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The excitement of FIFA-style pack openings, collecting coins, marketplace trading and lively community debate. The Low6 multi-award winning UltimateFan game truly takes Fantasy to the next level for Gen-Z and Millenial audiences.

It's Fantasy Football meets pack openings... this is Next-Level Fantasy.

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About the game
About the game
About the game
About the game
About the game
About the game
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Over 40 million NFL fantasy fans.  10 million+ EPL registered users. Fantasy-style games capture fans like no other format. And, more importantly, keep them coming back week-in, week-out. 

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This is next-level fantasy

We call it next-level fantasy because it's fantasy with a twist. Open packs to build a squad. Multiple possibilities for offering up packs like weekly drops, player engagement and referral incentives, or a pack store, plus a marketplace for card trading.

Up the ante. Up the fun.

Layered Ultimate Fam Referrals

Peak virality

Incentives for friend referrals + friends leagues = peak virality. Not only is this format of Fantasy a winner for players individually, but natural opportunities to share with friends bring about big virality stats.

Fantasy Layered Data

Dazzling dashboards

Keep track of acquisition and use engagement metrics, but also full reporting of game stats that you can serve up to your users as content.

See it in action
See it in action
See it in action
See it in action
See it in action
See it in action
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Low6 Bengals Picks CTA Block
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Low6 Ultimate Bengals Squad Pack CTA Block
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