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Run quick fire quizzes with the Low6 Trivia game, where the Player earns more for speed of answer. The perfect solution between live games to keep the fans coming back for more.

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About the game
About the game
About the game
About the game
About the game
About the game
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Need for speed

Which franchise scored the most touchdowns in the NFL 2021/22 season? Which female tennis player has won the highest number of Grand Slams? Tiger Woods won his first major in over a decade at which 2019 tournament?

A race against the clock as you answer as many questions as possible in 60 seconds. The more you get right, the greater chance of winning.

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Total engagement

Pivotal in retaining your audience throughout the off-season.

Choose different daily or weekly challenges for them to conquer. Boost loyalty and reduce player churn in the process.

Trivia revenue ops screen

Revenue generating opportunities

Serve ads you want your players to see.

Contextual messages based on gameplay ✅

Upsell your brand products, season tickets, merchandise ✅

Plug in your Sponsorship/Partnership brands ✅

Connect to Google AdSense to drive further revenue ✅

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Full control and reporting

Full control and user insights with the admin console and dashboards.

Manage the Trivia game, monitor user behaviours and get quick access to 1st party data.

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Marketing Studio
Marketing Studio
Marketing Studio
Marketing Studio
Marketing Studio
Marketing Studio

Supporting Services - Design & Marketing

Low6 Trivia offers the flexibility of integrating into your existing systems, to market your way. Tight on time? Lean on the experience of our award-winning team to provide a full turn-key solution, including:

  • Stunning logo & brand design
  • Promo that pops: Creative design
  • Motion graphics and promo video
  • Influencer marketing strategy
  • Website and landing page design
  • CRM and user communications

Who's tapping into trivia?

The Low6 Trivia product was first born in 2020 with the beta of Pub Wars. A game to be rolled out to engage thousands of pubs across the UK. The NHL are the most notable brand to be making a play for trivia, using the format as part of a suite of fan engagement games.


Get a taste for trivia

Thirsty? Get in touch with us today and discuss how our quiz engagement could power up a trivia game for your business.

Second countdown timer on questions
Create unlimited quizzes
Gen-Z & Millenial
Live feeds not required
Case studies
Case studies
Case studies
Case studies
Case studies
Case studies
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