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6 Key Events For Free-2-Play Games in 2024

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Article by Mark Dennis  Head of Marketing, Low6

As we power into 2024, the forthcoming 12 months promises an unprecedented era of excitement in the world of sports with an electrifying lineup of events. From high-stakes competitions like the FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics to the relentless drama of league tournaments, the sporting calendar is a canvas for exhilarating moments waiting to unfold.

For forward-thinking brands, it presents the perfect opportunity to connect with hundreds of millions of sports fans globally. Free-to-play games are being used more and more as a dynamic gateway to foster this association by acting as a powerful tool to drive engagement. This enables brands to not only capture the attention of a diverse audience but also to forge lasting connections that go beyond the thrill of the games themselves.

Want to launch a Free 2 Play game in 2024? Here’s six key events to coincide it with:

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1) Super Bowl


The pinnacle of American football, Super Bowl stands as one of the most-watched and anticipated sporting events globally. Its unparalleled popularity extends beyond avid football enthusiasts, drawing in a diverse audience with its extravagant halftime shows, memorable commercials, and an atmosphere of celebration.

Alongside the game itself, Super Bowl Pick'em games have become immensely popular due to their simplicity and inclusivity. These prediction-based contests allow participants, both seasoned fans and casual viewers, to engage in the excitement of the Super Bowl. By predicting various outcomes, from the game's final score to individual player performances, Pick'em games add an interactive and social element, fostering friendly competition and enabling even those with limited knowledge of football to partake in the thrill of the Super Bowl experience.

Read more about Low6 Pick’Em’s here

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MARCH 2024

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament enjoys immense popularity as one of the most widely followed and celebrated sporting events in the United States. With a captivating single-elimination format, the tournament engages audiences across the nation, transcending hardcore basketball fans to include casual viewers and even those with limited interest in sports.

The appeal is amplified by the tradition of filling out brackets, sparking a collective fervor as millions of people make predictions for each round. The tournament's unpredictability, Cinderella stories, and the quest for a perfect bracket create an annual spectacle, making March Madness a cultural phenomenon that brings people together to share in the excitement of thrilling games, buzzer-beaters, and the quest for collegiate basketball glory.

Read more about Low6 Bracket games here 

Euro 2024

3 - EURO 2024


A grand gathering of football excellence, The UEFA European Championship brings together the best national teams on the continent every 4 years to compete in this knockout tournament. The 2024 edition, taking place in Germany, will have a huge global reach ensuring that millions of passionate sports fans worldwide are connected to the action, sharing the emotions and excitement that only a major sporting event like the Euro's can provide.

Fantasy football games have become an integral part of the Euro’s experience, offering fans a unique and interactive way to connect with the tournament and showcase their knowledge of the game. By selecting a squad of players from participating nations and earning points based on their real-world performances, fans can immerse themselves in the tactical aspects of the competition and feel a sense of ownership over the outcome of the matches. Indeed, are very own UltimateFan game was initially conceived as an MVP the last time this tournament came around. It has since gone onto welcome hundreds of thousands of install; engaging with fans on a global scale and driving revenue for brands and operators alike.

Read more about Low6’s UltimateFan game here

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The continent’s premier football tournament will bring together ten national teams from South America and six guest teams from North America. From June 20 to July 14, iconic cities across the United States will welcome hundreds of thousands of soccer fans as they host the tournament for the first time. This brings in a unique opportunity for US sportsbooks that look at capitalising on major events on their hometurf in acquiring and retaining users.

Fantasy games also provide a unique opportunity for South American operators who are looking at acquiring new leads on-mass ahead of legalisation. Our UltimateFan game presents a unique opportunity to expand their reach into new markets by connecting an award-winning sport game to millions of football fans. The game transform fans into active participants who analyse player performance, make strategic decisions and enables them to share their passion with a global community of fellow fans. For operators too, UltimateFan adds a layer of education by introducting players to sports odds so they can familiarise themselves with betting terminology.

Read more about Low6’s UltimateFan game here



JULY 2024

Another quadrennial tournament in 2024, the Olympics needs no introduction. The global sporting spectacle captures the world’s attention as athletes from diverse nations compete in a wide array of sports. The collective spirit of competition and sportsmanship draws in millions of viewers worldwide.

With the multitude of events across the tournament, the Olympics provides a perfect platform for the convergence of traditional sports and free-2-play virtual games. Everything from trivia quizzes, predictor pick’ems and fantasy games can be applied here. Those brands looking for something a bit different could utlilse Low6’s Bingo game which engages fans with an innovative digital card of event outcomes across the tournament which can then be marked off as the games unfold to win awesome prizes.



JUNE 2024

Known for its fast-pace and thrilling matches, the premier international cricket tournament will be hosted for the first time by the US in 2024. This is a significant milestone for the sport, as it will introduce it to a new market and expand its global reach. The US has a large population of cricket enthusiasts, and the tournament is expected to generate a swathe of interest and excitement among American fans.

The tournament also goes hand in hand with US sportsbooks as they continue to land-grab across sports with the event expected to attract a large number of new and existing bettors. A combination of Pick’em games and other free-to-play options will create a multifaceted and engaging experience for these bettors. Fans can enjoy the rapid-paced action on the field while simultaneously immersing themselves in the second screen experience with the predictive element of these interactive games.

Read more about Low6 games here: https://low6.com/games

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Reach out to the awesome Charles Littlefair in the Growth team to find out more. 

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