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6 ways operators can maximise fan engagement throughout EURO 2024

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Euros Hero
Euros Hero

The roar of the crowd, the thrill of competition, and the global spotlight - major sporting events like the EUROs 2024 captivate a global audience like never before.

But how can operators and brands seize this opportunity and maximise their engagement? Here's how 👇

1. Let your users make fun predictions

Tap into your user’s competitive spirit by creating prediction games. Use Low6’s free-to-play suite to develop a mobile-friendly experience where users can predict in-game moments and match outcomes across the EUROs. Offer exciting prizes or free bets on a global leaderboard for best predictors, keeping engagement high throughout the tournament.

2. Challenge your user’s knowledge in an interactive way

Test your user’s knowledge in a fun and interactive way. Work with Low6 to create a EUROs-themed trivia quiz or memory game with questions related to the tournament. Offer rewards or free bets for completing the quiz or achieving high scores, encouraging participation and brand recall.

3. Reward loyalty with fantasy

Engage your most active users with a Fantasy-style game which sees them earn, trade and build their team to compete in matchday contests to win prizes . Low6’s award-winning UltimateFan is a white label next level fantasy game that also adds the thrill of packdrops and digital collectibles to the challenge of building your best EUROs squad throughout the tournament.

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4. Increase DAU with arcade games

Use Low6’ gamification suite to develop interactive games that allow your audience to participate in the sporting spirit actively. Imagine a Euro’s game where users are a digital goalkeeper that needs to catch floating footballs while avoiding yellow and red cards.

These type of challenges not only boost engagement but can also help you collect that all important first party data for your marketing initiatives.

5. Educate and promote odds and best offers using free-to-play experiences

Tailor your offerings to the event! Combine in-game play with advertisements of specific offers you want your sportsbook to highlight. For example, in a Low6 Pick’em game you can advertise in 3 different ways:

- Native and Interstitial advertisements that are broadcast to all users with a sign-up offer for free bets

- Linking Picks questions with odds. For example, next to a Picks question of “Will Harry Kane score more than two goals” we can pull the odds in real-time from your sportsbook of Harry Kane achieving such a feat and deeplink this back out to your website/app.

- Sending email, push & in-app pop up campaigns to alert users of a new bet boost you have on your sportsbook

6. Bricks and Clicks

Create interactive challenges that encourages users to not only engage in digital experiences but to visit your retail store. For example, users could gain bonus entries in a Low6 free-to-play game by visiting your sportsbook store on the high street and scanning the game with a special in-store QR code.

Need a game for the EUROs?

Whilst we are just over a month away from kickoff, there is still time for operators to work with Low6 to roll out fun and engaging games for the EURO 2024 tournament. 

Reach out to Charles Littlefair to find out more now.

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