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PDC Picks – App on the rise among Millennials & GenZ’s

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Low6 sees a 300% uplift in GenZ and Millennial fans playing PDC Picks in December 2020.

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PDC World Darts Championships, The sport’s biggest tournament every year, has started and will see a champion crowned on stage January 3 at London’s Alexandra Palace.

4 days into the marvellous action-packed arrow event, darts fans across the UK and Ireland have flocked to their devices to participate in the 2nd screen gamification experience available on the PDC Picks app. From the latest World Darts Championship Hype, The PDC Picks App has been steadily ranking in the top rated free UK sports apps available in the Apple iOS store.

“What used to be perceived as sport that leaned heavily on its older demographic to drive popularity, has since digitally transitioned towards the millennial/GenZ fanbase driving the hype ,” commented Josh Turk, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Low6.

As of Dec 19 2020, Low6’s single largest userbase segment within their Free-to-Play PDC Picks app are darts fans aged 21-25. GenZ’s gambling ages (18-24), pegged as the gaming generation, are never more than an arm’s length from their digital devices (mobile phones, tablets, Video Game consoles or their laptop). This generation was the motivation behind creating a mobile second-screen pick’em app experience. Whatin particular is keeping them stuck in to the PDC Picks app? Gamification. 91% of GenZ’s males say they play video games regularly. 68% say playing video games have become an important part of their individual identity.(Study performed by Whistle).

The Overall Sports Betting industry has been met face-first with the challenge, “how can we engage with the Millennial / GenZ consumer?”. The concern: the “online Sports Betting” concept was developed decades ago, and troublesomely the platform in which the user interacts with, has remained the same. Sure, you can now watch Live matches, participate in LIVE in-play betting, but the overall inner workings of a sports betting site has remained the same.

Josh Turk, CMO of Low6 explains: “Traditional online sports betting sites have not evolved congruently with the phycological and behaviour needs of today’s modern digital customer. In recent studies, we have learned that the existing online sports betting platform perceived from millennials is: ‘It looks like dad’s mathy excel sheet’. At its core, traditional sports betting activity is an interaction between the single individual user versus the Odds set by the bookmaker – with the bookmaker earning revenue from a user’s losing bets.”

Today’s Millennial and GenZ consumer, is driven by the social phycological gamification mindset. What is Gamification?

Gamification is a method to digitally engage rather than personally engage. Primarily motivating the user with game mechanics, such as points, leaderboards in an experiential journey that rewards the user for performing an activity.

In simpler terms, “make it more like a video game” to motivate the younger generation to partake in the activity. You see gamification alot in early age education.

Another great example of gamification is Nike+ and how they transformed the activity of “running” with gamification. Nike tackled the activity of running by adding in game mechanics to enhance the activity. Nike+ shoes are integrated with sensors that relay stats and earn the user NikeFuel Points for how far they run. You can track your stats in daily charts and leaderboards and even compare your results with friends!

So, why can’t a sports betting site be more like a video game?
That’s exactly the question Low6 asked themselves in early 2020.

Unlike traditional Sports betting sites, PDC Picks offers a “game-like” spin on “betting” and mimic’s the thrill of having skin in the game, with a visual and highly engaging social leaderboard.

“We’ve essentially removed any association of “betting” within the app. Users register for an account, simply pick which darts player will win each match, and while the event is live, users can follow an ever-moving leaderboard that pitts each user’s picks against one-another. Whomever finishes top of the leaderboard with the most correct “picks/points” by end of the event, takes home cash! It’s that easy to play along, and most importantly you are playing against other fans, not the odds set by a bookmaker” stated Mr. Turk.

The PDC Picks app has successfully converted many darts fans via its partnership as official Pick’em app of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). PDC is focused on growing it’s Millennial/GenZ fanbase over the past few years. By promoting PDC Picks across their social media channels, PDC has been a main factor in driving a large community of darts fans under the age of 35 to play PDC Picks. Users under the age of 35 combine for over 78% ( Millennials 48%, GenZ’s 30%) of all active users playing the free to play darts contests every month.

Figure 1: PDC Picks app userbase distributed by User Generation

Adam Perfect, Head of Commercial for PDC, stated: “We have specifically focussed on building our social media channels in recent years through the development of additional resource and expertise in that area. We have seen incredible growth across these channels, primarily within the younger age groups, which has been driven by YouTube and Instagram in particular. Social media will continue to be a key focus for us going forward and we see it as a vital part of our strategy to connect with new Millennial/GenZ fans across the globe.”

Other Darts Partners driving app downloads include the new popular “Good Darts” Podcast hosted by PDC TV host Dan Dawson and Legendary Darts Pro Wayne Mardle. Dan and Wayne make their predictions every week for upcoming PDC Darts events and compete against each other to reign supreme Podcast know-it-all! Have a listen here or on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Weekly Dartscast, hosted by Alex Moss and Burton DeWitt feature amazing exclusive interviews with top Darts players from around the world. Weekly Dartscast sponsor weekly contest on the PDC Picks App giving away darts merch prizes to their loyal listeners.

The social aspect of playing against other fans (not the bookie), the ability to brag to your friends when you finished higher than them on the leaderboard, and being rewarded with real cash prizes for winning a free to play contest, is truly what makes PDC Picks a one-of-a-kind darts “betting” app in the marketplace.

For media inquiries,

Josh Turk
Chief Marketing Officer

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