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The Picks effect – actively engaging fans

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Oxford United FC’s OUFCPicks redefining industry standard’s on Active User Fill Rates

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OUFCPicks, Oxford United FC’s free to play pick’em app, has been a fan favourite since the app launched mid October. With minimum guaranteed prize pools of £500 per match, free contest entry and the thrill of reigning as top U fan on the overall leaderboard – getting your picks in prior to the start of the match has become routine for U fans.

Oxford United’s fanbase have also embraced the model that for every entry made into each contest, that participation, directly contributes to overall funds raised by the club. Low6 rewards each of its partnered clubs with revenue based on total users playing the pick’em contest each month.

“To the fan, it’s free entry into a contest to win Cash. To the club, they receive revenue per each entry. It’s a win, win model,” states Jamie Mitchell, CEO USA of Low6, credited with the unique proposition.


What’s been a surprising result with the innovative Pick’em style contest is the week-over-week participation. After 17 contests, OUFC Picks Active user fill rates remain well above 65%. To put in simpler terms, for every user that signed up for the first ever contest in mid October, 65% of those users are still participating in every available contest (as of Dec 19). A recent study conducted by InDataLabs,discovered that some traditional online sports betting operators experience 40% churning after day 1 on the app.

“When the club communicates to their fans, that the pick’em app is an engaging way to follow the match live, a chance to win free cash prizes, as well as educating the fanbase on how the club utilizes the app to raise funds – you see a real lift in fan participation,” commented Chris Hector, Commercial Director of Low6.

Another major contributing element to the High fill ratio, is the backing of GenZ’s and Millennials embracing the “win-able” prizepool. Unlike traditional sports betting “acca’s” or “parlays”, you do not have to get every question right to win – you just have to get more correct than the other competitors. But it doesn’t stop there, Low6’s pick’em app rewards fans who not only finish first on the leaderboard, but in top 3, 5 or higher positions. The Prizepool is distributed in tiers based on where you place on the leaderboard. Users who finish in the top 5 points on the leaderboard still win small cash amounts, obviously finish first fetches a much higher portion of the prizepool. More winners equals more chance they return to play.

So far this season, Oxford United FC fans have walked away with over £9,000.00 in cash prizes since inception. In addition, Oxford United FC have raised an additional £5,500.00 in just 1.5 months driven by fan participation.

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